Overcoming the error code bX-pd7foi when will sign blogger Adsense account

For friends who mangalami problem can not register blogspot adsense account I suggest do not panic, relax bro ... now calm your heart. At first I was panicked when I blog can not link to adsense account, even though I registered in the past through youtube account.
But before have problems, some problems could I find them is when I can not display the page "Income" on the dashboard, it can be solved simply by replacing Indonesian to English. Then after the page has emerged that there is still a problem, which is key to register / linking does not light, but it also can be solved by trying to make the posts more, so many visitors who stop by, kemuadian of the adsense consider if this blog can be fit for use.
And the last problem I face is when the registration key of life and want to link to the blogger adsense account, it can not enter. Suddenly it says "Whoops, that's an error" and appeared code bX-pd7foi. Again and again I tried to continue but still the same result. I try to find the article on google did not find. Then I find the article dalhamdulillah can, in fact only a trivial problem. When friends want to register / bloggers to link adsense account, your blog template is in the Dynamic theme, try gati your template with Simple theme, then try to re-link to adsense.
Hope it is useful ..

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